ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation is wholly dedicated to improving the lives of—and finding permanent homes for—unwanted animals.

In doing so, we offer our services for these special purposes:

Low income medical assistance

We work very closely with already established rescue organizations in the Midwest.  They know they can call on us to take animals with serious injuries, illness or neglect. Also, we regularly dedicate our highly specialized medical expertise to free spay and neuter clinics and door-to-door vaccine clinics in our targeted region in orderto reduce unwanted litters and increase knowledge of diseases that can not only affect the family pets but the family as well.  

Long term shelter situations

We have established a partnership with shelters in the Twin Cities andin other states to remove animals that have been in their facility for an extended period and/or are at risk of impending euthanasia.  Because a long term stay in a facility can make a previously well adjusted family pet unstable, we will place them in to a trained foster home, where behavioral modification can begin. 

Injured animals

Because we do have animal medical professionals as founders of our organization and as foster families, we are uniquely qualified to take on animals that are injured. If one of our rescue partners approaches us with an injured animal, we can take in the animal, provide the needed healthcare and rehabilitation and place them a forever home once they are healed.  

Lifetime support

In some extreme cases, ACT V Rescue will continue to support a pet throughout its life, even after adoption.  Since we take in animals in the most dire medical situations, some can have injuries or aliments that will require medical care throughout its life.  ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation provides medical care and pays for medications for the remainder oftheir lives.

*******Since our work is focused on sick and injured animals, we see our fair share of suffering. However, we cannot allow an animal to suffer excessively.  ACT V Rescue has the opportunity to partner with some of the Twin Cities best board certified veterinarians.  These doctors have helped us treat some of our worst cases, but we have - very rarely- made the decision to compassionately end a life. Each of the founders of ACT V Rescue has made this hard choice for our own animal family members - at one time in our lives - and we do not take it lightly.********

We believe all animals deserve a chance to be a part of a loving, forever home.

Because ACT V works with animals in the most needy situations, we are always in need of money to provide medication, surgery, medical care and/or rehabilitation. We use a secure site so you can feel comfortable donating. A receipt is provided because all donations are tax-deductible.

100% of each dollar donated goes to caring for animals.