Success Story: Sophia

This little sweetheart came to us after it was found that someone had put a rubber band around her head and neck. She had deep infected, painful wounds that required hours of surgery. The amazing thing is throughout all this Sophia was always happy, always trusting of the next person to hold her.  She was adopted by a wonderful family that feels both they and Sophia are lucky to have found each other.

Success Story: Yoda

He was named Yoda because that was what he looked like when he came to ACT V Rescue.  Someone left this 12 week old puppy in the dumpster and he was almost unrecognizable as a dog.  His mange was so advanced he had only wisps of fur.  After being in foster care for a few weeks, this puppy blossomed.  He has a beautiful coat now and loves to play.  His foster family could not bear seeing him leave, so they adopted him!  We are so happy to see Yoda so happy and so healthy.

Success Story: Leroy

LeRoy is smiling now!  LeRoy was surrendered by an owner who could not afford surgery to remove an 8 pound tumor from his hind leg.  He was transferred to us after a vet out-state removed it.  When he came to us he had open wounds with dirt and hair trapped inside.  We immediately cleaned the wounds and scheduled our surgeon to repair the incisions and graft skin before infection set in.  He was such a trooper. Someone was constantly working with his painful back end and he was very tolerant.  LeRoy is now the happy, healthy dog that he deserves to be.