It is ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation’s responsibility to find the most fitting adoptive family for each of our animals. 

Our animals are carefully evaluated by our staff of volunteers; their temperament, size and breed are carefully considered when matched with an adoptive family.  While we do not have a set of specific requirements for our adoptive families, each of the ACT V team takes a personal role in choosing the most ideal homes for the adoptive animals in our care.  

Our adoption process does require the following:

Meeting with the entire adoptive family.  To ensure the best fit possible, we will want to meet and spend time with the whole family, including any children or other pets.

Adoption Application.  Completion of an Adoption Application is required before the adoption is complete. Click on the button below to get started!

Home Visit. Up to 3 home visits can be required before an adoption of one of our animals is complete. Our volunteers will want to see where the adoptive animal will live and how they react in this new environment. 

Adoption Contract.  If you will be adopting one of our animals, signing our Adoption Contract is required.  Click on the Adoption Contract button to view our contract.